Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Five Faves!

Hi there! My name’s Christina. I’m new at Daisy Baby, and I’ll be working the blog scene for a while. I also hope to see you in the store soon! For now, why don’t you check out some of our favorite items for the upcoming holidays? Some of the Daisy Baby staff would love to share their favorites with you, and we hope you agree we have some pretty fantastic things in the shop right now!

Let’s start with my favorites, since – you guessed it – I’m the one writing this!

I’m Christina, and I have two children – Caeden, age 2.5 and Madeleine, age 7 months. I want to share my top five Daisy Baby items for my kids’ ages… so here we go!

5. Guava Kids Mitts – these little mittens are just adorable. The patterns are cuter than any mitts I’ve ever seen. They protect your babe’s hands, and they protect her sweet little face from those tiny nails!

4. Dwell Studio Woodland Memory Game – This one’s for the toddlers. The design on it is gorgeous – modern and sleek but with that old-fashioned touch of natural wood! Kids can learn their colors and play memory or matching games – it’s wonderful for many different stages of development.

3. Day of the Week Bib Set by Petites Frites – We just got these in the store! I love day of the week things; I always have, so these just touched a note… the 8 year old inside me glowed with joy! What’s cuter to catch your cutie’s drool than these brightly colored bibs?

2. Carlino clothing – Carlino clothing is made of the softest cotton I’ve ever felt. It doesn’t lose that softness after washing, either! It’s so baby-sweet with the white and pastel colors, and so easy to customize with a monogram because there are no busy patterns. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this clothing – my Maddie smiles when I pick one of her Carlino tees from the drawer because she knows how soft they are!

1. Sock Ons – Yes, they work! You have no idea how many socks I’ve lost. From California to Maryland to Florida… if you see a baby sock on the ground somewhere, it probably once belonged to my family! I love Sock Ons – when I put them on my baby I don’t have to keep pulling up her socks, only to discover at the end of the day that one is missing anyhow! Sock Ons make parenting just a little bit easier – and who doesn’t need that?

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